How did Heel The World start?

After a friend laughed at Fred's shoes. He went out to buy shoes and spoke to a local shoe maker about the possibility of making those shoes in Ghana. The shoemaker said it was an impossibility. This did not sit well with Fred so he set out to prove him wrong. He collaborated with Vijay and they found a shoemaker to create our first custom designed and handmade shoes. The rest as they say is history.

I have an idea for HTW, who do I talk to?
We would love to talk to you. Please email us at
You can also call us at +233245489160, +233208269190, +233262310394

What's so special about those Empowerment beads?

We created the limited edition empowerment beads to engage and empower individuals turn their passions into successful startups. They serve as a reminder that hard work pays off.
Our mantra for the beads is Black is for hard work, Gold is for the ultimate reward.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do.

How do I buy your shoes in the States?
You can buy by
1. Order online at
2. Email us your specific request at

How old are the guys and girls at HTW?

The guys: Fred is 28, Vijay is 23, Jeffrey is 26, Edem 25
The girls: you want to get us into trouble :-)

How long has HTW been in existence?

We registered HTW in February 2011.